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Terms and Conditions of Use

By placing an order on this website, you are agreeing to be bound by our terms and conditions of use, which are outlined in detail below. We would recommend that you print these terms and conditions prior to placing an order.

Should you have any query regarding any of these conditions, please contact us by clicking using one of the methods at the foot of this page.

"www.theappliancewarehouse.co.uk" is the domain name for the online ordering presence of and administrated by The Appliance Warehouse Limited. These terms and conditions apply to this domain and any domain which may replace it, as well as any website operated by The Appliance Warehouse, regardless of domain name.

Personal Details and Data Protection

Any personal information that you provide to us when placing an order or requesting further information will be treated with strictest confidence. Your personal data will only be used for processing your order or dealing with any requests or contact made to The Appliance Warehouse. If you input personal information but do not confirm an order, personal information may still be stored on the site and may be retrieved upon your return to the page.

Personal data may be passed to third parties, such as suppliers, transport companies, manufacturers or couriers, but only in respect of processing your order or requests. An example of this is the use of your name and address by a courier company in the delivery of the product(s) you have purchased. In all cases where we are providing your personal data to a third party, we will only provide the information required by the company in adequately performing their function. No personal information will be passed to third parties for marketing purposes.

When providing us with personal data, please ensure that all information is correct. You are responsible for ensuring that you do not pass any false or misleading data to us. If you are passing information to us on behalf of another person, such as a friend or relative, you must ensure that you are authorised to do so and are doing so with the knowledge and upon the request of the person whose data you are providing.

This site uses cookies to make your ordering experience as user-friendly as possible.

If you do not wish to receive any future correspondence from us, either by email, telephone or post, following the completion of your order, please inform us in writing to the correspondence address at the bottom of the page.

Product Description, Imagery, Availability and Pricing

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the product specification data and the reproduction of the product images, we are unable to accept responsibility for any mistakes or misrepresentations as a result of product data supplied by the manufacturer.

We take all reasonable care to ensure that pricing is correct at the time when it is entered into our website and will confirm this pricing upon acceptance of your order. If any pricing displayed on this site is incorrect, we shall inform you at the earliest possible opportunity and reject your order. You will then be requested to place a new order once our pricing has been amended.

All prices on this website are inclusive of VAT at the current rate.

We make every effort to ensure that any information regarding product availability is accurate. However, on occasions we may be unable to supply the product you have ordered either within the timescales quoted or at all. If the product is no longer available, we will always endeavour to find a suitable replacement and inform you of what this would be. We would only amend your order upon confirmation from you that this is your desire.

If your product can not be supplied in the originally quoted timescales, we will inform you as to what we expect the new timescales to be. We would be unable to make any guarantees to you regarding the expected delivery timescales at this stage and will not be liable for any associated losses as a result of this delay. Should you wish to wait for the original product to be supplied, we will happily respond to any delivery update requests from you but these are only provided as an estimate and we can not be held to any of the estimated timescales.

Placing Orders
An order is placed by adding products into your shopping cart, proceeding to the checkout, inputting personal data and valid credit card details and clicking the Process Order button. If you are placing an order by telephone, the order is placed by verbally supplying personal data and payment details and confirming that you wish to place an order.
Whether you place your order online or by telephone you will receive a confirmation of the details of your order to the email address that you supply to us. This is an automated email and does not represent a confirmation of our acceptance of your order at this stage.

Courier Deliveries
We aim to deliver all our products ourselves, however sometimes it is necessary to use a courier service to deliver your appliance.  Please note that if your appliance is arriving via a third party courier, the delivery will be a one-man doorstep service and they may not have lifting or moving equipment.

We may also organise for your goods to be delivered via a two-man home delivery service. This would usually incur an additional charge.



By placing an order on this website, you are consenting to us debiting from your credit or debit card the full value of the order. Any product for which payment has not been received remains the property of The Appliance Warehouse Limited. Unauthorised cancelled payments will be treated as unpaid debts and will be recovered through the small claims court.

When paying by credit or debit card, we are required to verify the card details with your card issuer. In doing so, we will check that the card you have provided is registered to the address you have given as your billing address. If the address does not match, we may be unable to progress with the payment. It may be possible to resolve this issue by providing us with information that would only be available to the registered card holder.

If you would like us to deliver your appliance to a different delivery address to the address that your card is registered to, then we will need to undertake a security check to ensure that the card holder has authorised the transaction. We may request from you the unique authorisation code provided by your card issuer for your transaction, to verify that you are the registered card holder. Alternatively, it may be necessary for us to send a security letter to the cardholder's registered address requesting authorisation to deliver to an alternate address. When this is required, we ensure that the letter is delivered to you in the quickest possible manner to minimise any disruption in the delivery of your order. We undertake these processes to reduce the opportunity for unauthorised card use on our site and to protect you and your card details as the card holder.

Our installation engineers are all manufacturer-trained.  All appliances due to be removed must have been originally installed to the manufacturer’s specification.  If we are unable to uninstall your old appliance because it was not installed to the manufacturer’s specification you may still be charged the full installation charge.

The same applies for the installation of a new appliance.  Our engineers will carry out 'standard' installations and may refuse to install an appliance where the appliance cannot be installed to the manufacturer's specification. Our engineers will not be able to make any modifications to your existing kitchen furniture and will not be able to adapt an appliance to be installed into a space that can not accommodate it.  You may still be charged for the engineer's time if they are unable to complete an installation as a result of any of the following: inadequate mains services; faulty, damaged or unsuitable furniture; incorrect specification of appliance; inadequate parking or access to the property. This is not an exhaustive list. Normally, the charge for a failed installation would be the full installation charge.

Cancellation Policy
You may cancel an order for any reason prior to receiving your goods. When doing so, we will refund any payment that you have made for these goods, in full.

You may cancel your order up to fourteen days from the day after receipt of your goods and receive a full refund for the product.  The goods must be returned, at your cost, to The Appliance Warehouse.  Alternatively, we can arrange for the goods to be collected from you at a cost, fees starting from £39 plus VAT.  You have a duty of care while the goods are in your possession. You should try to return the appliance with the original packaging to ensure that the product is not damaged on its return journey. If you have unpacked the product, please check with us prior to returning it to us for advice about returning your goods.  If we collect the appliance from you, there will be a collection charge.  Please see below for collection charges.

If you wish to return an item to us, please ensure that you do not use the appliance, install the appliance or dispose of the original packaging; we will not be able to accept the return of the item should this happen. If a product is returned without prior notification, it will be refused by our logistics team. When you are returning a product that has been removed from the manufacturer's packaging, we may charge you a Rewrapping Charge. 

If you have ordered an appliance for delivery and installation and you wish to cancel your order on the day that the installation is due to take place, the installation call-out charge will still be incurred, as this will be a timeslot that has been allocated to an engineer and will not be possible to fill. To avoid the installation call-out charge, please ensure that the cancellation has been confirmed by The Appliance Warehouse on the day prior to the booked date, at the latest.

The procedure for cancelling an order is as follows:

Firstly, inform us by email, stating your name, address, order number and the product that you wish to cancel. This email must be followed up in writing by post to the following address:

Sales Office
The Appliance Warehouse
42 Robjohns Road
We would recommend that you send this letter by registered mail, or special delivery, as we can not be held responsible for any costs arising from the non-receipt of your cancellation letter.

Upon receipt of this letter, we shall confirm that your order has been cancelled by email to the email address that was used in your registration with our website. Goods are refunded within 30 days of the cancellation and/or the goods being returned to us.
Discounts and Promotional Codes

Sometimes you may be offered a discount if you buy multiple items.  This discount will only apply to the items discussed.  Should you return or exchange any of the appliances, your discount code will be withdrawn.  A different promotion may be offered for the remaining appliances.  Please contact our sales team on 08444 77 62 62 for more details.

If you use a promotional code for free disposal, you must ensure that the old appliance is uninstalled and ready for the driver to take away.  If the old appliance is still installed or if it is not ready for the driver to take away, we may not be able to carry out the free disposal for you.  

Faults or Damage

Faulty Products

If your appliance develops a fault within the first 28 days from receipt of the goods, please contact our customer care department (or click here) to inform us of the fault. Please provide as much information as possible, stating the symptoms and any remedial action that you have already attempted. You must also supply a product number and serial number, as we can not progress with resolving the issue without these numbers.

We will arrange for the manufacturer’s service agents to contact you to organise a repair at their earliest convenience, under the terms of the product guarantee. If the engineer is unable to repair your appliance, then you will be offered the following options:

Replacement product: A new appliance will be supplied to you in replacement of the faulty machine. You will not incur any charges for the replacement of a faulty machine.

Refund in full: The machine will be collected from you at no expense to you. When the product has been received into one of our warehouses we will refund you in full by crediting the credit/debit card that you used when placing your order. 

In either case, a service engineer must have visited your premises and verified the fault prior to any further action being taken. We are unable to accept any responsibility for any loss incurred by you as a result of product failure.

Damaged Products

Any claim in respect of damage must be dealt with by you immediately upon receipt of your goods.  You must notify us of any damage within 48 hours of receiving the appliance. 

When taking delivery of your order, you will be asked to sign for your goods. By signing the consignment note you are accepting the goods and any subsequent damage claim will be assumed to be your responsibility. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequately checked for damage of any product that is delivered to you prior to signing for the delivery. If the product has minor damaged and you wish to accept it anyway, please sign for the delivery. Once this has been signed for we are unable to accept any claim in respect of this damage and you are signing for the goods in the condition they have been delivered to you as being acceptable to you. 

If the product has been damaged and you do not wish to accept delivery, then you must refuse the product immediately. At this point, please contact us and we will endeavour to supply a replacement product as quickly as possible.

If you do not wish to accept an appliance due to damage, you must not install, connect or in any way use the appliance.  If you install, connect or use the appliance, then you are accepting the appliance and accepting any damage.  Once you have accepted the product (by installing, connecting or using the product) then we are unable to accept any claim in respect of damage. 


All purchases placed on this website are contracts between you and The Appliance Warehouse Limited and are governed by English law and in any dispute you shall submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

Contacts and Company Information

If you have any comments regarding the content of our website, or any suggestions as to how we could improve our service, please feel free to contact us by email. Click here to send your comments to our Customer Care department.

For any sales queries, including product descriptions, pricing or general specifications, prior to placing an order with The Appliance Warehouse:

Email Sales Department.

For any queries, comments or correspondence regarding an existing or completed order from The Appliance Warehouse:

Email Customer Care

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